Yesterday, we stayed home almost the whole day. I needed the rest so much after my 12 hour shift on Friday, which I think went fine. I mess up one patient’s order and my Manager was not quite pleased. The good thing though is that one of the tests is clotted so the patient has to come back for redraw. I felt really bad… I should have known better. We were just so busy! I know it should not be a reason to slack, but some things tend to slip from your hand when you don’t have enough time and enough help to get things done. But I always try to cover for myself. I learned the hard way that I should not trust anyone to look after my work.

This coming week, I am again scheduled to do overtime on Tuesday and Thursday. My manager think it will be a good practice for me and I don’t really mind it either. On the coming two weeks, Rolly and I will be a little busier than ever. But we always work as a team so it is all good.

Tonight, we are going to LAX to pick up Tatay and Ate Racquel. Their two months vacation is over… I hope we can come home early though because I have to be at work 6:00 sharp to be able to get the cart from the hospital back to the outpatient lab.