Today is Alyssa’s first day at Chez Grand’mere. Rolly and I were up already up by 4:30 in the morning and after fixing everything up I woke Alyssa at 5:15 and headed out the door. I was encouraging her to go back to sleep on the drive to OC, but she refused. I think she is a little excited and anxious because she knows we will be dropping her off to school. When we got to Chez, two kids were there and she started hanging out with them. I seriously can’t leave her. I keep talking to her giving her instructions on how to play, not run, not do this or do this instead. I am afraid she will hurt herself.

After 15 minutes of hanging out at her school, Rolly finally convinced me to leave. I was still feeling scared for her that I kept asking Rolly to give Terri (the School Director) a call. Finally, Rolly emailed me saying Alyssa is doing great and she made some friends already. I can’t wait to go see her at 3:00. I promised I will take her to the store to grab a toy or something… I am just glad that this week is a short one for her. And yeah, I also have my camera with me so I will take some pics too.