Today is a better day I hope. It will never be a perfect one I know that, I just would like it to go smoothly. I am at peace now that have come to terms to whatever troubles I have. Days are dragging specially that we are looking forward to some projects we will be doing before the end of the year. I am very thankful that my Mom and Dad are a hundred percent behind us. There is a lot that they offered over the years, and yet still manage to stretch out a hand for even more. I truly am blessed.

For now, I am standing still. Not on a crossroad where I have seen myself for a long time, but on a clear path that goes forward. I’ve managed to continue with the journey. And though there were those times on my travel that I fell down and bruised myself, my family was always there to lift my spirits up. I cannot thank them more enough… Truly, I am blessed.

I will always look back to yesterday and stay reminded of all the factors that made me who I am right now. I will make sure to remember every detail of what was said and what was done as they fire me up to do even better. And even if my freedom caused my soul to break into pieces and my feelings crushed in instant, I remained whole in the inside. I am blessed.

For anyone who have been through the woods for a long time, withstanding the rough forest at night; the slightest glimpse of a daybreak brings hope to the heart. And I learned that when you start to accept the things you cannot change, it does not necessarily mean you are the one losing control of yourself. For it is much better to let the river take you rather than going the opposite way and having the currents break you. You will be dragged into a length you will never imagine, but the farther you go the better you will be. So on this road that is traveled by few, my only reward are the experiences I learn. Experiences that mold me and build me, continuously changing me. And for those, I truly am blessed.