Today is a little better compared to the first three days of the week. It is still wet and cold, drizzling every now and then but it is not pouring. Just perfect. Tuesday I think was the worst. I volunteered to go home early. It was noon time but it was so dark. It was raining to hard and you can’t even see anything on the freeway. The next day I found out from work that there was a tornado that touched down here in Orange County. It was actually a rare weather. Isn’t that scary though?! This is the most rain here in California and it is a little scary. The climate change is quite extreme.

Yesterday, mother nature was still vicious. After couple of days of continuous raining, I still don’t have an umbrella. I had to use my lab gown and run as fast as I can to the car. And guess what, I was even on my heels. Imagine that! But I managed. I even went to get my second dose of Hep B at the main hospital during my breaktime.

I found a video of the tornado from YouTube. Here it is: