It is good to feel appreciated at work as I really try my hardest to prove that I was worth the try. Though I was on the healthcare industry for over four years, I was merely at an office dealing with patients indirectly. As a matter of fact, my experience was more on dealing with the offices (Lawyers, Adjusters and Doctors) than with patients. Now that I was given a direct contact with them, I truly learn even more everyday. It reminds me of my Nursing internship to some hospitals in Baguio. That first time I gave a newborn a bath, first IM I gave a child, first time we were at a room where the Nurse will insert an IUD to a woman and we were encouraged to watch, my first catheter insertion to a paralyzed older man, my first day at the Psyche department in BGH, my OR hours.

Now that I go through each encounter and realize I survived each moment without any mistake whatsoever, I am pleased. Pleased that I put my best forward and tried to learn. Pleased that I was given the chance to go back to school and pursue something different. Pleased that I was given a supportive family that made sure I will make it. Moreover, thankful that I was given inspiration to fuel my dreams.

And so the first step is over. And despite the many challenges and some unavoidable events in my life, I continue to see the Beauty of Life. I will remain optimistic that in few months, I will look back and laugh at those days when I was about ready to give up. Because I almost did. And seriously, it broke me to pieces. If not for Rolly, I probably am back to the Philippines. Away. Very far away. But as Miley Cyrus’ song goes, it’s not how fast I will get there. It is not what’s waiting on the other side. What matters most is the CLIMB. The Climb, meaning the hardships that a person has to go through. You will remember trials more than anything else in life…

And speaking of the Challenges that crossed my way, without them I will still be as naive and as gullible as I was before. And as I slowly speak out my mind, I finally am free. One thing that I learned through all these, I HAVE TO BE MYSELF. Secure my boundaries and protect my feelings. Because no one else will. I learned it the hard way, but it truly is self liberating. It may not always be acceptable to others, but I know too that so as long as I don’t step on other people’s toe then I am good to go. As my one of my co-workers said: It is not my responsibility to please others. And neither do I expect them to please me.

Ok… that is the longest blog so far for a very long time. Monday is almost over. Can’t wait for another day… I wish time goes by twice faster.