There are those times I feel so down and yet for years, I’ve managed to put on a smile and pretended everything is just perfect. At work, one of my friends started calling me Sponge Bobbalyn (based on Nick’s cartoon, Sponge Bob) because he thought I was gullible (now, I don’t know if that’s a good thing), always cheerful, very friendly and easily trusted. Believe me, I was all that. I never had problems making friends. I’ve always been a good listener. I never cheated on anyone. I was always the happy one. I never said NO when I was asked to do favors. I chose my words carefully… I was good at that.

But the world is just a crazy place to be. I learned that you ought to guard yourself because nobody will do it for you. You will never know how it feels like to be subject to insult until someone does the same thing to you. And because of that, you should not lie to yourself. It is just human nature to feel dislike and disappointment. And if I continuously hide my face with the mask of perfection, then I am being mischievous not only to people around me, but also to myself as well. Life is not perfect, neither am I. I don’t expect anybody to live their lives according to my terms, nor do I expect everyone i know to like me. I can only offer my truth. That is: I am for real.

Last night, we went to buy an HDMI cable but ended up getting Alyssa a new dress instead. She can’t get enough of it so I decided to take that chance to dress her up and take her for a photo session. That will be my PROJECT 360 for today!
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