LOk, finally I am getting into my blogging again. It’s been awhile. Rebuilding from scratch is really hard, and losing way too many files at one is just so unacceptable. I am not sure why I haven’t backed up my SQL. I learned m lesson the hard way. At least I still have my template stored on my hard drive. I just had to update the links. My website looks like its working fine. I still haven’t fixed my freebie link but I will get to it before the week ends.

One more lesson: Yesterday was my phone interview for a nutraceutical company (as an Costumer Service Office Manager). Alyssa was behaving good so I trusted her to remain that way all through the course of the phone call. But of course she didn’t. She even started yelling “AQUADOODLE” on my mouthpiece. I was so embarrassed. That was even the VP I was on the phone with. Now my chances are slim to none. As I look back to it, I would just want to think that its not meant to be. He said he will call me back by Thursday or Friday if I make it to the second round of screening. I just hope they consider my educational background, interests, skills and experience. Then again, who in the world would have their kid around during an interview on the first place? It is very unprofessional.