We were at Sam Woo tonight for dinner when Michael Chang was about ready to leave with his to-go order. I am a big fan of tennis and I have seen him on tv when he was still playing. I remember his face pretty well! The first time I have seen him was when Rolly took me out to lunch at this Japanese place called Mitsuwa in Irvine. He was there too! And was standing really close to us. And it was funny because I was staring at him, I told Rolly, “I think he was one of my instructors at SLU before.” The nerve of me saying that! He does not even look Filipino at all! Rolly was laughing! But I knew he looked so familiar. Then one guy stepped closer to him and asked: Are you Michael Chang? And he said yes. I was like, hmmmm… he is walking just like an ordinary guy now. But of course he was driving that Ferrari parked in front of the restaurant!

Anyways, I don’t see the point writing this down… but you see, just like what I’ve said I am a tennis fan and I cheered for him when he was still out there playing.