Today is Papa’s birthday. Well, it was celebrated yesterday in the Philippines because they are one day ahead of us. I am really not sure how old is he now, perhaps 63. I am not really sure. I called them last night to wish him a Happy Birthday. I don’t really have anything for him ’til probably December. Or hold on to it until March. Rolly assured me we can go for a vacation in March. I am pretty excited. I cannot wait to be with my FAMILY!

Talking about what I want to get for Papa. I saw this one great Craftsman tool set at Home Depot. It is called Multi-Tool for $100.00. He will like it. I know he deserves something way better but I will reserve that when I get a good paying job in the future. Hehehe! For now, I have to stay on budget.

We just got home just few hours ago. We spent our whole afternoon at the MovieHouse. We went to see Couples Retreat and Astro Boy (in order). The Princess can’t keep still on the first one but when we got to her movie, she was so behaved. Seriously, she reacted really good. She even teared up thinking Astro died at the end. It was her favorite movie. We tease her that she is Astro’s girlfriend.

Ok… here is my Project 360 pic for today. Alyssa adores this plant that I first thought was a regular flower. It turned up to be a big tree and the berry-like flowers were towering above me that I had to tip toe to take a picture of it.