The highlight of today’s episode of Christina’s Court is the Plaintiff”s name which I find it very interesting: SCHAUNDERION. It is not your typical everyday name… and I think it is very unique and so as the lady herself. Very exotic… and she is very soft spoken too. Anyways, the story goes: She met this Medical Practitioner (the Defendant) on a New York Subway and they started to chat. They are both 37, neither of them are married nor in a relationship. So they started going out until one day the guy had problems with money and Schaunderion offered to lend him $100.00 (that’s all it takes to take somebody to a Small Claims Court, or even lesser in some cases). After taking the money, the guy started to make alibis whenever the lady ask him to go out. So then she figured out he was hiding from her. She called the operator of the subway and asked her about the stops they are making on that certain area of New York (I forgot the name) and searched for the guy’s house.

Anyways, the guy’s defense was that the money was given as a gift and he feels that he should not be obligated to pay for it. At the end, Judge Christina ruled in favor of Schaunderion as she was able to prove that the money was a loan and not a gift. I would have made the same judgment too if I am the judge. Not to sympathize with the lady but I learned everyday as I watch these people’s courts on TV that every time you enter to an agreement, it should be in writing. Nowadays, you can sue anybody for anything. Have you heard that news about this Judge suing a Chinese Cleaner for losing his pants? He sued them for 54 Million Dollars! Very outrageous!

But if ever I continued with Law School, I know I would not make a good lawyer. See, I am very emotional. I cry watching House and still laugh on the reruns of I Love Lucy. I am bias when it comes to making decisions. I also side with one who makes the saddest story. I should have known I am a better Psychologist (hahahha!) as I have this immense longing psychoanalyzing people. Huh? Psychoanalyzing, is that even a word?