Ate Lynne has a new hairdo today. It looks great on her BUT it is really blonde! So Alyssa was really surprised when she saw her this afternoon. She started giggling! She said: “What happened to your hair Ninang?” Ate Lynne replied: “I had it colored. Do you like it?” Alyssa was pretty fast on her reply. “No, it is ugly!”

She say’s ugly to everything… And no, she’s not confused. She is just on the stage where she get creative with the use of vocabulary. She is now starting to call us names… or call her self names. Even if it’s funny, I really think it is amazing. The human mind is a complex thing and it’s development is beyond explanation. Children are the best manifestation of such mystery.

I was unable to take some pictures today. But tomorrow is July 4 and we planned on watching the fireworks at the park. Maybe. I am not really sure… But for sure, we will be doing something else.