Today, we decided to take Alyssa at the movie house after stopping by the post office to drop some mails. It was so hot and we didn’t really want to go home early. Besides, Rolly and I were really looking forward to seeing the Transformers but no one will look after Alyssa. But because some other kid’s movie was being shown at the Edward’s, we thought to just try and see if she likes it (The Transformers). If not, I can just take her to that Disney Movie UP. It was more like an experimentation to test if she is ready for the big screen. And she was!

We were so impressed! She sat there quite all that time! She was just eating her first cotton candy. She was so amused by the darkness. She kept telling me how she can’t see anything. It seems that it was just yesterday… now, she growing up really fast. Here is a look on her first photo-video I made of her first snapshots at Anaheim Memorial Hospital.

[media id=3]