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Bridging the Gap

03 JUNE, 2017 #FifthGrade #BridgeProject #DishItIs It is always fun to document children’s activities with series of photographs. It is the best way to freeze the moment, to remember and to share at some point in time… So yes, those are Alyssa’s tiny hands busy painting her building blocks made of #polymer clay. She had  several of those “buildings” and some houses to complete her project on a dish! It was a little ambitious little because we only have that Saturday to work on it. And it was my first weekend off work after going back from #maternity leave.  But...

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Safari Adventure, San Diego

  .   .   .     .   .   .   Living close to San Diego, we always had the pleasure to take the kids to theme parks such as Sea World, Lego Land and Animal Parks. San Diego Zoo Safari Park offers variety of ways to tour the park. You can choose to be on an open-air safari truck and get an up-close experience of the animals on several enclosures. Or if you have children, you can ride on a Caravan Safari that drives around the...

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Resident Ducks

  .   Close up photos of the friendliest residents of the trendy Dos Lagos community of Corona, California. Unfortunately, this man made lake in the middle of the city is now surrounded with towering apartments, hiding the beauty of the...

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Bees and Butterflies

Nature is amazing. It is where we see the unconditional relationship between living organisms starting from plants to humans. Here are photos I took from BSU, La Trinidad early 2007. DSLR was a new toy then, and I loved every shot I took while walking the university...

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