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Let it Snow!

  .   .     .   .     .   .   This is truly Nature’s Blessing and I get to enjoy everyday of it on my way to work. I love the mountains and how the patches of snow added contrast to the view. The blue sky kisses the horizon, and the rays of the rising sun added warmth to a snowy...

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Albuquerque Streets

  .   .     .   .     .   .   We finally made it to Albuquerque yesterday, Saturday. I was expecting a full blown city like Los Angeles, but I am glad it is not as big and it is as not busy. Population wise, it might be comparable to Costa Mesa and the buildings seemed to have limitations on high they are built. Reminded me so much of Irvine. It is clean, even the backstreet did not look as bad.There are not a lot of people on the streets, and not so much...

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The River in Laughlin

  .   .     .   .     .   .   For me, the only thing worth going back to Laughlin is the River. Even with the summer temperature, the water is surprisingly cold. I am surprised of its depths and the river current. I haven’t seen anyone swimming, but there were several water taxis for few bucks. It is a refreshing view amid the dry...

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Sta Monica Pier

  .   .   .   .     .   .   .   .   You can’t go wrong with Sta Monica. This beautiful beach is located along Pacific Coast Highway. It stretches about 3 miles long and has great parks, several picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms, and manned lifeguard stations. Driving around, I have seen bike rentals, concessions, hotels, bike path, and wooden pathways. You can engage different activities like volleyball, surfing, stand up paddleboarding, and...

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