Project Category: Nevada

The River in Laughlin

  .   .     .   .     .   .   For me, the only thing worth going back to Laughlin is the River. Even with the summer temperature, the water is surprisingly cold. I am surprised of its depths and the river current. I haven’t seen anyone swimming, but there were several water taxis for few bucks. It is a refreshing view amid the dry...

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My Little Man

  .   .   .     .   .   .   We have been so blessed to have this Little Guy in our lives. He loves his Mom and Dad, his sister, and his Lolo and Lola. He is a charmer from the beginning, and always brings smiles. He talks too much, sings so loud, and plays the hero all the time. These photos were taken at the Hoover Dam on our way to take Lolo and Lola to see the Grand Canyon. we stopped by the view point to appreciate the massive structure that was...

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