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Bridging the Gap

03 JUNE, 2017 #FifthGrade #BridgeProject #DishItIs It is always fun to document children’s activities with series of photographs. It is the best way to freeze the moment, to remember and to share at some point in time… So yes, those are Alyssa’s tiny hands busy painting her building blocks made of #polymer clay. She had  several of those “buildings” and some houses to complete her project on a dish! It was a little ambitious little because we only have that Saturday to work on it. And it was my first weekend off work after going back from #maternity leave.  But...

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French Macaron

  .   .   French Macarons are indeed very finicky cookies. The recipe may only call for four ingredients however, the process of making and baking is a different story. In fact, it took me two tries to finally make it right, thanks to several recipe gurus I’d been following online. From French Macaron Madness. Posted by Simply Rosalyn on 4/08/2017 (21 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher...

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Mayranch Spring

  .   .   .     .   .   .     .   .   .   I live in a beautiful community in Perris and blessed with great walking trails and parks. These are photos I took early 2010 when my daughter and I took my Mom to the park. There was no one there, as usual, so we had the whole place to ourselves. As my Mom and Daughter walked ahead, I stopped several times to snap some amazing pictures of some of the most purple flowers I’ve ever...

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