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French Macaron

  .   .   French Macarons are indeed very finicky cookies. The recipe may only call for four ingredients however, the process of making and baking is a different story. In fact, it took me two tries to finally make it right, thanks to several recipe gurus I’d been following online. From French Macaron Madness. Posted by Simply Rosalyn on 4/08/2017 (21 items) Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher...

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Sweet Lady Godiva

I love chocolate in general. Chocolate drink. Chocolate cake. Choco fudge. Chocolate Ice-cream. Choco pop. White choco. Dark choice. You name it, so as long as it has CHOCO on it, I will eat it! And, I really don’t discriminate according to brand and price. Wait, that was being presumptive of me. I have not really tasted the most expensive chocolate money can buy. So until that time comes, I will just stick to just loving chocolates. Period. These photos (of fresh strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate) were taken at the Godiva Chocolatier at the Bellagio in...

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We moved from California to new Mexico in the middle of winter. We were not prepared for the snow, and not even in our dreams drove up to Payson, Arizona i during a snow fall. It was an experience of a...

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