BEFORE I went on #maternityleave in April, I had the pleasure of meeting a patient and his wife, Ida when they came to the clinic to speak with a nurse regarding symptoms he was having. They were originally from #upnorth #California, so the familiarity settled in when they saw me. A #Filipina nurse! Of course we talked about how we miss Filipino, Thai and Vietnamese food — because unlike California, in this part of New Mexico there is a VERY limited option when dining out. 

“It is a furry combination of fun colors, perfect for a Monster Cutie!”

Few days after I went back to work in May, I ran into Ida again when I was requested to speak to a patient in the #InfusionRoom. We chatted a bit to catch up on how her husband is doing. I was so delighted to see him looking better that time. As they were leaving after treatment that day, she stopped by Triage to let me know she is looking forward to see me during next treatment…

He’s gotta be the Cutest Baby Monster!

Photograph by Miss Rossi

On Monday, Ida handed me a red gift bag. She said she made it for the little one. I would usually open a present to show my appreciation, but I was with a patient and they were heading out as well.  I just had to give her a hug and thanked her…

Well, the day got really busy because I was with Emery in the Infusion Room as Amy is on vacation. I only remembered to bring the gift bag home Wednesday afternoon. Alyssa beat me into opening it. Out from the bag were the booties first, followed by the cap. Elijah was so thrilled he wanted me to have the baby try it on right away!


“he was a picture of absolute cuteness. i know i had to take more photos of him!”

It was a warm afternoon, so I had to take photos of hims sans his clothing. He was good for few minutes until he probably felt the heat on those furry things. When I took off his cap, poor baby was sweating! But he was a picture of absolute cuteness, I just had to take pictures to show Ida…

More photos of this Cute Little Monster.

Photograph by Miss Rossi

Now, I cannot wait to see Ida. I mean, really, I bet she has so much things to do. I am not into crochetting or knitting, but I am sure it took her some time from start to finish to come up with beautiful, perfect-fit baby stuff. I really appreciate the time and effort, and her thoughts of giving something to #BabyLuke

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