MAY, 2017

Luke Alexander
One Month

BABY  #LukeAlexander turned #1Month old on May 10. He is a growing boy, starting to get bigger from the #LittlePeanut that he was at birth…

On his #FirstMonth, there was a heavy rain and #snowfall just after midnight. Up here in the #Navajo Country, rain, lightning and thunderstorms are blessings from Father Sky. I am not too familiar with how snow is perceive by the American Indians, but I’ve read of baby’s first #snowbath to toughen them up. This is Luke’s first snow, and though I did not roll him on the ground as the tradition goes, I still think it is #symbolic that it fell as it did – on #Springtime.

First Month up in the Navajo Country.

Photograph by SimplyRosalyn.

With the house heater turned on, Alyssa and Elijah helped me set up the dining table for Luke’s mini #photosession. I originally planned on posing him just with his diapers but he was wide awake. After few shots, he started getting fussy so I had to dress him up – and successfully took more photos after. I think they all turned up pretty good…

“For a Navajo child’s first snow, traditionally they would be taken outside and rolled in the snow. This was not meant to be cruel, or even as a punishment, but rather to begin to toughen them up to some of the extreme hardships of life in the high southwest desert…”
Mark Charles

All hundred plus photos were taken on a 20-minute session. And though the pictures are pretty much alike, I love every variation of his facial expressions. Babies are always fun to take photos of because of the innocense on their tiny faces. But they are so delicate that it amazes me how the professional photographers pose these little people just to get that amazing shot! I guess that’s why they are called pros!

I’m 1 month old!

Photograph by Simply Rosalyn


At the end of the session, I also tried to take photos of the baby with his two older siblings. Although it didn’t turned the way you see it on Pinterest, I was still happy to have gotten few on Baby #Luke’s 1st month.

I should get more photos like I did with Elijah, it’s just that having three kids now is a three times the work than when I had only two. Duh! But believe me when I say I won’t have it another way. I can’t imagine life without my three children…



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