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#LuckyLuke is two months old! And there is no better way to freeze the moment than to take photos!

I made sure to take many pictures for us to remember this little boy’s 2nd month.  He was just not too cooperative during the first few minutes of our mini session. But so glad that in between the crying I was able to take snapshots of those cute facial expressions he has now perfected.


“I looked at his face and I fell in love again, just like the 1st and the 2nd time…”



WHEN I found out I was expecting  in November last year, there were so many things running in my mind. We just moved away from a comfortable home to a small apartment and having a baby was not really part of the plan. However, Rolly kept telling me not to worry as there is always room for another one. The pregnancy went fast and before we knew it, here is this tiny boy that just fit perfectly in our lives. I cannot imagine a world without him…

With movements now becoming fluid each day, he must be finding satisfaction on the simple stretches and lots of kicking that he does. He responds to stimulation quite well – waking up when he hears Elijah’s voice, crying when he sees Alyssa’s long hair as she hoovers him, and listening to Pandora with Dad. Despite of not being a big fan of tummy time, I can tell he has strong neck muscles as he is able to hold his heavy head for a long time. Everyday, we rediscover the miracles and joys of having an infant in the house. ‘Looking forward to making more wonderful memories with this little Cutie and his Two Older Siblings… 

“I pray you are dreaming of the moon and the stars…”

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