JUNE, 2017

It is always fun to document children’s activities with series of photographs. It is the best way to freeze the moment, to remember and to share at some point in time…

So yes, those are Alyssa’s tiny hands busy painting her building blocks made of #polymer clay. She had  several of those “buildings” and some houses to complete her project on a dish! It was a little ambitious little because we only have that Saturday to work on it. And it was my first weekend off work after going back from #maternity leave.  But that did not stop her #CreativeMind. She envisioned her project to look a certain way, and on her mind there were no restraints to hold her back…

On the course of the build time, I started snapping pictures whenever I get the chance. At 2 pm, when we were putting it up together, I might alread have taken more than a hundred photos. We poured the resin at 4 in the afternoon then went to take a rest. The “water” was still tacky when I started fixing dinner. By Sunday morning, Alyssa did some retouch. Because we only painted over the foil (since we don’t have enough to cover the land area with clay), I was concerned about the paint peeling out so we applied some gloss to seal the project.  

The final Project on a Dish.

The top gallery was taken without a backdrop and before the application of gloss so you can see the matte surface, which I would have preferred. On closer look, the folds on the foil is pretty much evident, but we didn’t have much choice. We did try to camouflage it with dried moss and some rocks..

“I love the imperfections, it tells the story behind the project.”

While taking macro photos with backdrop, I can definitely see the flaws. The buildings are crooked, the windows are not straight. The proportion is way less than perfect. But I do love how it turned out to be. I love the imperfections, it tells the story behind the project… 

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