With the Family

I love it when Mommy is home because we get to do fun stuff. This afternoon, we went to the market encounter for Gramma Nicing to shop for souvenirs of the Fiesta. With me on her arms, she managed to take some pictures of the knick knacks sold at the encounter. One of my favorite is this snapshot of wooden roosters, they really look like the real ones. Mommy loved these green hanging earrings with embossed white flower. And because she thinks the Asian Characters are awesome, she said she’s got to have this on her collection. Even if...

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Missing Daddy

I am so excited because in less than two weeks, I will be seeing my Dad. It has been almost four months again since the last time we were with him and I really do miss him a lot. Here is a picture of me and Daddy mommy took at the Lourdes’ Grotto. Please click here to see the entire gallery. On the bottom picture is me and Daddy at the Lourdes’ Grotto in Baguio. [tab:With Daddy] [singlepic=113,377,466,center] [tab:The Gallery]...

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Finally, my Mom finished my website! I know she’s been busy for the past months and aside from that, I’d been very grouchy too. But she spent hours last night to get it done. I am very pleased on how it looks like. I love the flash she placed on the banner… the image transition is so cute! My Mom’s website looks like this on her IPhone. And mine looks like the following picture on a Safari browser....

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Alyssa: I Started This Way

Before anything else, I would like to share this picture of me when I the day I came to see the world. It was on the 911 anniversary of 2006. The hospital stuff were telling my Mom how I am a symbol of rebirth for those who lost their lives during that tragic 911. I was actually one of the three Babies born that same day said my Mom. At my Dad’s work in Costa Mesa, they even gave him a cake that says Congratulations! My first picture of my Mom was such a treasure! And that first time...

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