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Baby Luke is 1 Month Old!

. “Because sibling relationship plays an important role in human development…” 12 MAY, 2017 Sibling Relationship1 Month Luke Alexander YES, Baby #LukeAlexander just turned #OneMonth old and the two older siblings, Alyssa and Elijah, are beyond excited! It’s official! The Littlest Member of the family is now one #1month old – and counting. I haven’t weighed him yet but I can tell he is one healthy baby boy and is definitely gaining weight and growing like he should be. Though it is already spring, his first month was marked with rain, thunderstorm and heavy #snowfall. I take it as a blessing...

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Luke’s First Month

10 MAY, 2017 Luke Alexander One Month BABY  #LukeAlexander turned #1Month old on May 10. He is a growing boy, starting to get bigger from the #LittlePeanut that he was at birth… On his #FirstMonth, there was a heavy rain and #snowfall just after midnight. Up here in the #Navajo Country, rain, lightning and thunderstorms are blessings from Father Sky. I am not too familiar with how snow is perceive by the American Indians, but I’ve read of baby’s first #snowbath to toughen them up. This is Luke’s first snow, and though I did not roll him on the ground...

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