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Of Nanchucks and a Stick

Video Series 2017: Elijah At Home. Posted in YouTube by CluelessBoi 24 MAY, 2017 #Nanchucks #Sticks #StayHome #Elijah, like his Grandpa, is definitely BORED. But while his Lolo is busy with his little garden in the backyard, our #LittleMan keeps himself occupied with things he finds convenient to play in the house…  We came home today and saw Elijah in the backyard facing the fence and playing with a stick. He was so focused on what he was doing. A vibrant picture of a little boy who is full of energy. I can’t help but smile  when I realized...

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My Two Little Boys

.         . 02 MAY, 2017 Parenthood Raising Boys Elijah and Luke MY five weeks #maternity leave is almost coming to an end. Yes, I can only afford to take a month and a week off work because I can’t qualify for #FMLA, and there is no such thing as a Short Term Disability here in New Mexico… I feel for my littlest boy as I am unable to take off all the 12 weeks like I did with my two older children, but it is a hard decision that I have to make. I just...

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Luke’s First Easter

#ELIJAH was a great helper during out mini Easter Photoshoot with Baby #Luke. He kept the Baby well entertained with his kisses it between shots... Baby Luke’s first Easter is extra memorable. Born hundreds of miles away from home, I always wonder how it feels to finally take him home. I know it will be a challenge if and when we get to that point in time, but my wish if for him to have that same experience as Elijah, for him to have that feeling of security growing up within the familiar walls of his own home. Alyssa was...

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Easter Sunday with the Kids

Baby Luke Alexander is our Easter Time Miracle Simply Rosalyn Blogging from the Heart of the Navajo Country. 04/2017 This year is extra special for us. Welcoming our Little Man, #Luke Alexander, close to #Easter reminds us of all the blessings that we receive every single day. Blessings that humble our hearts and make us grateful. Looking back to all the sacrifices and achievements in the past year, all that were lost and were gained back, the tears there were in sorrow and cheers that accented every happiness, I have to say we remained steadfast on our devotion and...

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Welcoming Baby Luke

In November, I found out I was almost 17 weeks #pregnant while transitioning to another job. At four months, everything was happening fast. I started developing signs and symptoms of what seemed to be #preeclampsia. And because I already have the history, I know I was predisposed and at a higher risk of going through another one on this pregnancy. Sure enough, at 30 weeks my blood pressure started rising. Instead of seeing the OB every two weeks, I was scheduled for 1 week intervals. a. Ready for work at 30 weeks, b. At 37 weeks on the day...

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