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Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker

Simply Rosalyn, Mommy Blogger 04 May 2017 It took me forever to decide between a #bouncer and a #rocker. Both Alyssa and Elijah had an FP bouncer, which looked more comfortable and still looked pretty good despite of years of use. However, it is currently somewhere in the garage in California. To try something new, I bought Luke a rocker from #Amazon for $39.99. With #Prime Membership, I received the product in 2 days. I relied so much on it’s high ratings and reviews… It’s been a week since the baby started using it so I thought of writing my...

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Welcoming Baby Luke

In November, I found out I was almost 17 weeks #pregnant while transitioning to another job. At four months, everything was happening fast. I started developing signs and symptoms of what seemed to be #preeclampsia. And because I already have the history, I know I was predisposed and at a higher risk of going through another one on this pregnancy. Sure enough, at 30 weeks my blood pressure started rising. Instead of seeing the OB every two weeks, I was scheduled for 1 week intervals. a. Ready for work at 30 weeks, b. At 37 weeks on the day...

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Gifts for a Ten Year Old Girl

I am a mother of two adorable children, a 10 year old tween and a 4 year old boy. #Birthdays and #Christmas are specially hard time for me. Part of it is because is the expense attached, but also because I now have a Darling Daughter that is trapped in “an inbetween” stage.  The little boy is very easy at this time… I buy him #Legos, Actions Figures and #HotWheels and he thinks I am the coolest Mom in the universe! My eldest daughter however is a different story.  She has accumulated so much from an upright piano to...

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