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Project on a Dish

. . SIMPLY ROSALYNArt comes in many faces. It evolves in shape and form, and reflects itself in bits and pieces. #5thGrade, I think, is one of the best thing that ever happened to my daughter. She learned so much in one year! She did not only develop in her academic studies but also showed growth on both personal and social areas. She showed much interest in science, reading, and arts for the most part of it. I’ve seen her researched on facts as vast as the universe, to micro subject matters as tiny as a crawling insect. She must have...

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Balloon-Powered Car Challenge

. Simply Rosalyn, Mommy Blogger 07 May 2017 ALYSSA’S #5th Grade #Science Project is this race car. When she came home and explained to me what it is and how to do it, I knew it is out of my element. #Car Building? What was that again? Go ask your Dad. Of course, Dear Hubby was at a loss himself. He just knows cars and how to fix it, but to apply #Physics on a made-up car? His answer: Nahh, tell your Mom to #Google it. So I did research on it. The #goal of this #project is to design, build...

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