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Pre-One Photos of Luke

. . Miss Rossi, Mommy July 06, 2018 Luke’s 1st birthday was a simple celebration. Homemade dinner, ice cream cake and a present. An intimate affair meant for a very special Little Boy. On that weekend before his birthday, we took some photos of him while he played in the yard. It was April and the weather was tolerable.  Built Tough. Photograph by Rosalyn, mom.  One year old already? Why so fast? I still remember the first time I held you in my arms. You came a month early so you were just the tiniest little thing. You’ve grown...

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Beautiful Bokehs

In photography, BOKEH is defined as the way a camera lens  renders  out-of-focus points of light.    It is that blurry background you see outside the Depth Of Field. It  is the layer that gives that professional definition to your subject matter.   I have always seen my Life as an endless Photographic Session. One  that is  uniquely mine – where I am the photographer and I am the subject.  There are those few I chose to be significant and in high definition with me, and even if the rest are Bokehs, I can truly say they make this a...

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Baby Luke’s 5th Month

Simply, Rosalyn #LukeAlexander #BossBaby #5Months #5thMonth This is a month late of a post though the pictures were taken when Luke just turned 5 months. I was doing pretty good on my daily blogging. Lately, however, I’ve been a busy bee that I have to be on another online hiatus while I take care of other more important matters. So while I am here in Vegas and the two older kids are out with their Dad, and my youngest is fast asleep, I decided to do some catching up. Maybe just to update my gallery for now… “Soon, you...

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Luke @ 4 Months

10 August, 2017 #LukeAlexander #Milestones #BossBaby He is already Four Months Old! This Little Bubba is a sweetheart! Not only does he gives us daily dose of happiness with his laughter, he also makes us go crazy on him with such cute smiles! At 4 months, he now knows how to get his way. Pampered by six “older people” in the house, he is growing up to be spoiled but self-confident. He is so much well-taken cared off, thanks-a-million to Mama and Papa… OUR LUCKY SEVEN. Completing the flock with the #NumberSeven We are a Flock of #Seven with...

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3 Months Old

.   Miss Rossi, Mommie August 2017 #LukeAlexander is already 3 months old!  Here are some photos celebrating another milestone… Gentleman in Training. I truly enjoy taking photos of this little boy and seeing the changes he goes through as he gets a little older… I did miss his 4th month appointment with his #Pediatrician. I got a little caught up with other things that and I relied on the “system” to notify me of an upcoming event. When I realized the week is almost over, I finally get a call to reschedule. Of course, living in a small town...

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