In photography, BOKEH is defined as the way a camera lens  renders  out-of-focus points of light.    It is that blurry background you see outside the Depth Of Field. It  is the layer that gives that professional definition to your subject matter.  

I have always seen my Life as an endless Photographic Session. One  that is  uniquely mine – where I am the photographer and I am the subject.  There are those few I chose to be significant and in high definition with me, and even if the rest are Bokehs, I can truly say they make this a Beautiful Journey.  

Miss Rossi

It is the experience that fires up my journey. 

So yes, the out-of-the-state move is almost done. I have to say that so far, this has been the hardest, most expensive move we ever had. It was not only physically challenging, it did involve a lot of mental struggles as well. Adding to the hardship was the fact that we had to deal with Mother Nature’s glory: the pouring rain, the howling winds and thoughts of snow. And let’s us not forget the BABY! Luke was not a happy camper, he cried half of the way as I drove a fully loaded van (with boxspring and a mattress tied on top of the roof) and followed Rolly towing a U-Haul up Payson at midnight. 

As I left work late one night, I looked back and saw that The Lantern Of Hope looked beautiful specially at night. 

As activities start winding down and I actually have the chance to sit and think things over, I can now breathe a sigh of relief. It really gets easier each day… I should know this by now. We’ve been here a month and a day and the kids have successfully adapted to the new environment.

School seems to be good, and the first set of grades I have seen are great. Alyssa has always been an achiever, so I don’t worry too much about her. I have to give credit to Elijah for catching up quickly. He is 10 points above all his year-end goals – from phonetics, reading, numbers and writing. He is a #smartie!

WORK. It is work, of course. After two weeks of orientation that started on the 15th of January, this coming week is now my 4th week of training with my preceptor in the Hematology Clinic. It is a highly specialized clinic for Lymphoma treatment and research. I have to admit my initial feeling of anxiety as my oncology experience is limited to general symptom triage, and my knowledge on chemo drugs is not up to par. 

In truth, it does play with your mind and on your confidence if you feel short of knowledge.  I have been supplementing with reading, watching, and more reading… I know it will take time to be as well-versed (like my mentor) on this specific diagnosis and indicated treatments.


“I am taking baby steps learning. I want to be 100% stable before sprinting out to the unknown.”


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