‘Lucky to get a 4-day weekend in celebration of the #4thofJuly. Our itinerary started on a Saturday with our 9-hour drive from New Mexico to #ImperialCounty, California passing through #Yuma. Hitting the road towards Perris then heading back to NM via #Nevada. Before we knew it, we were back just in time for the July 4 #fireworks!


SATURDAY, 1st of July. We woke up way before the daylight broke over the #HiddenValley. We were on a mission to make it to #ElCentro, Ca at 8 pm #PacificTime so we can watch Manny #Pacquiao’s boxing fight in Australia – that will be shown live via ESPN. I say, my family (my Husband, my Mom and Dad, and Elijah) are Manny’s (The Boxer) biggest fans. He is a  familiar name in our household, and hearing it several times a day makes me wonder if we have another family member with the same name! 🙂

We survived the long trip, adding two more hours due to the traffic in Yuma, Az. At 3 in the afternoon we were inside Ate Lynne’s house, enjoying great #ChineseFood take out and fresh fruit from #Cardenas. Despite of Pacquiao’s controversial loss, I have to say it was still a wonderful night of catching up and eating great #homecooked #Filipino meal…

SUNDAY, 2nd of July. After going to sleep close to midnight, we got up late at about 8 the next morning. Ate Lynne is always the best host… I tell you, she had our #BrokenYolk breakfast ready, and she even took the kids out shopping while we get started our day with loading up the van. At 11, we were heading towards Perris. For once, I enjoyed the drive passing by Rancho Mirage, Morongo/Cabazon area, Beaumont, San Jacinto and finally “home” to Perris. We picked up our mails from the house and drove around our “old” neighborhood. After almost two years of being out of state, Perris suddenly seemed to be just perfect place for us afterall…

My Two Little Boys: Big Brother Eli and Baby Brother Luke

Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, Nevada

We finally made it to Las Vegas at 4 pm, Saturday. We did not plan on staying however, the van’s engine light came up so Rolly wanted to have it checked before heading out for the remainder of the trip. Last thing I would like to do is wait for Triple A in the middle nowhere in the scorching heat. I am just so grateful we were able to get a room at the #MonteCarlo the last minute.

“After almost two years of being out of state, Perris suddenly seemed to be just the perfect place for us afterall…”

Monday, 3rd of July. We’ve been getting up late. I guess the drive is tiring afterall, even the baby was sleeping past 9. After some #JohnnyRockets breakfast, we decided to bear the heat and do some walking around. Because the new school year is fast approaching, we stopped by some stores to but clothes for Alyssa and Elijah. Famished by 2 pm, we decided we needed more Filipino fix. Instead of going to Pinoy Pinay or Max, we ended up at Seafood City. It is a compromise since the kids begged for #Jolibee/Chowking and we us, adults, crave barbeque from Seafood Grill.

Our Little Cutie.

First long trip for this awesome Little Boy!

Tuesday, 4th of July. At 1200 noon time, we checked out from Monte Carlo. The temperature was at it’s peak at around 115F. Just loading up luggages in the car makes one sweat like that of an athlete running a marathon. The heat just made it more exhausting. As soon as we were running past #HooverDam and approaching the border of Nevada and Arizona, Baby Luke was sound asleep thanks to the AC. Rolly was not sleepy at all on this trip. We got to Kingman in 2 hours, to Flagstaff in 4 hours, and entering NM in the 6th hour. At 0700, we are inside of our rented home getting ready for barbeque in celebration of the 4th of July…


During our trip, I took so many pictures I wanted to share. The following are some of them…


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