JUNE, 2017

An average person lives about 27,400 days. Yup, life is just that short. It is indeed a borrowed state of being, measured in finite moments.

Last week, I was saddened by the news that one of our patients unexpectedly passed away. Before I went on maternity leave, I remembered him (the patient) and his wife as we sat down in Triage discussing some of his symptoms. Despite of going through some challenges while in treatment, they made me laugh with their stories about coming to #NewMexico. They were originally from #California and knew lots of #Filipinos upnorth, so I was not surprised we connected really fast… 

When I came back from maternity leave in May, they gave a present to my #newborn. She crocheted this beautiful, furry cap and booties. When I took it home, I made sure to take some pictures to show them.

Thanks, Ida for the monster cap and booties.

Photograph by Miss Rossi

However, Monday was the last time I heard from both of them. They called at 4:58 in the afternoon, I was then getting ready to leave the clinic.  I will never forget that voice of panic at the end of the telephone line. After our brief conversation, I know I had to direct them to the ER.

At 9:00 the following morning, I found out he was in the ICU. Two hours later, at 11:00 he was declared deceased..

“I feel this sense of loss knowing I miss the chance to say HI- thinking there will be more time tomorrow…”

It did. The news came as a shock to everyone specially they were just at the clinic Monday morning. Right before leaving that day he said, “Bye… see next week!”  I regret that I didn’t find time to sit and catch up with them while the opportunity was there. Now, I feel this sense of loss knowing I miss the chance to say HI, even just for the shortest moment, thinking there will be more time tomorrow…