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Art comes in many faces. It evolves in shape and form, and reflects itself in bits and pieces.

#5thGrade, I think, is one of the best thing that ever happened to my daughter. She learned so much in one year! She did not only develop in her academic studies but also showed growth on both personal and social areas. She showed much interest in science, reading, and arts for the most part of it. I’ve seen her researched on facts as vast as the universe, to micro subject matters as tiny as a crawling insect. She must have read dozens of thick novels and have written numerous book reports – even more than what I’ve covered back in highschool. Her projects are another story… all the sleepless nights and no-rest weekends we had in an effort to make her vision come alive!

Bridging the gap between an urban area and a rural community.

THREE CUPS OF TEA by Greg Mortenson — is Alyssa’s last reading book in fifth grade. It was a good  story about how a mountaineer built a school for the kids in the small town of #Korphe, #Pakistan. This is to give back to their kindness when they nourished him back to health after a failed attempt to climb K2 mountain. 

The bridge plays a significant part in the story. It was built to make it easier for the children to go to school. With this bridge, the small town of Korphe is now connected to the world…

“BUILD A BRIDGE.” — For their last project, they have to build a bridge. It does not matter how it looks like and what it is made off so as long as it is a bridge. Of course, this girl feels like her project will be so incomplete if she shows up with only a bridge. With no time at hand and few bara of clay left, we had to improvise. Thanks to the foil, a square dish, paint, clay and resin, we were able to satisfy her idea of how this proect should look like… 

Here, she had her eye glasses on painting the blocks of baked clays we used for the buildings. THIS genre is her forte… 


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