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18 June 2017

MAMA turned #72 on Sunday, June 18!

On Saturday, we planned on driving to the nearby bigger city to celebrate Mama’s #Birthday and Father’s Day. However, the weekend was hotter than usual and Luke was showing some bouts of baby temper so we decided to stay in. Rolly took Alyssa and Elijah to the #carnival instead – amd that made them very happy!

“After our lunch buffet for Mama’s birthday and for Father’s Day, Alyssa picked ice cream cake for Lola at Baskin Robbins. Lola cut the cake after dinner… (Lolo was not in the picture because he was on his CeraGem)”

From Lola’s Ice Cream Cake. Posted by Rosalyn Bugaoisan Alcantara on 6/19/2017 (28 items)

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“In 2003, she retired after teaching for over 30 years. But she is still a #Teacher and most importantly, a #Mother to us…”

You are the…

and most beautiful person
I have ever known…

and even that is an understatement.
-F.Scott Fitzgerald

Happy Birthday, Lola… From all the kids: Eros, Alyssa, Chloe, Elijah, Athens and Baby Luke.

Mama is a #Grandmother to 6 grandchildren! Yes, 6! Who would have thought she will have that many between two children. Though she has not seen Athens (my brothers youngest daughter in the PI), she’s always talking to her over the phone. Many thanks to the power of technology.

She has touched so many lives, and have been a mentor to countless students. In 2003, she retired from teaching for over 30 years. But she is still a Teacher and most importantly, a Mother to us. I’ve always said that she is instrumental to the person that I am now. Her love knows no measure, and her kindness has no boundaries. Without her, I would not be where I am. My family is so blessed to have her here… always supportive, caring and understanding.  Looking forward to more healthy years with this amazing, super Grandma…

Happy Birthday, Mama!!!