Video Series 2017: Elijah At Home.

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MAY, 2017

#Elijah, like his Grandpa, is definitely BORED. But while his Lolo is busy with his little garden in the backyard, our #LittleMan keeps himself occupied with things he finds convenient to play in the house… 

We came home today and saw Elijah in the backyard facing the fence and playing with a stick. He was so focused on what he was doing. A vibrant picture of a little boy who is full of energy. I can’t help but smile  when I realized that he was actually videotaping himself. So as soon as he went to sleep that night, I knew I needed to get a copy of that video. Another keepsake to cherish…  

But I was in for a great surprise for he has been actively taking videos of what he’s been up to almost everyday. From building with his #Legos to creating ramps for his #Hotwheels, from pretending he has his own #YouTube channel to making his own version of crafts, he has it all documented and is just waiting for me to uncover! 

“A vibrant picture of a little boy who is full of energy…”