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MAY, 2017
Raising Boys
Elijah and Luke

MY five weeks #maternity leave is almost coming to an end. Yes, I can only afford to take a month and a week off work because I can’t qualify for #FMLA, and there is no such thing as a Short Term Disability here in New Mexico…

I feel for my littlest boy as I am unable to take off all the 12 weeks like I did with my two older children, but it is a hard decision that I have to make. I just feel blessed to have my Mom and Dad help us out like always. With all the unfortunate news you hear and read online about babysitters, I would not trust anybody BUT family to take care of someone so little and so fragile.

So, May 15, is the day. I received messages from my Nurse Managers verifying the date of my return and if I needed some accommodation for breast feeding or pumping. Really, what more could I ask for? They’ve always been considerate and understanding of my situation.

Big Brother loving Little Brother…
Photograph by SimplyRosalyn, May 2017.

Being home with children (specially with a #newborn) feels almost like fulfilling a Mother’s basic need, it is fulfilling that desire to just be there… be present for when you are needed physically and emotionally. But as much as I would love to stay home, I know that I  have to go back to work as well.

Right now, I am squeezing all that is left of my 12 days off – cooking for the family, taking lots of pictures, scrapbooking and blogging. More than anything, I have to say, I will surely miss staying home with my two little boys. All the mornings I wake up just staring Luke’s face, and the rest of the day conversing with Elijah.

#PARENTHOOD does not just start on giving birth and definitely does not end when children are already grown adults. It begins on planning their arrival, ensuring their safety, giving them quality life and securing them a bright future…”

These photos are part of our Easter shots (see #Luke’s First #Easter Gallery) I sorted the pictures and selected those I can use for a stand alone album. It was fun taking these photos with my two little boys. I know pretty soon, #Elijah will also start running away from the camera just like #Alyssa so I am taking every opportunity to snap some photos while he is into it. Baby Luke just don’t care at this time… and I have years to stock up on thousands more.

Hush… the baby is sleeping.

I embrace today’s technology making sure I get to snap so much memories for my children to enjoy when they are older and preoccupied with life that they forget the wonders being younger themselves. From #DSLR/regular cameras and wide range of softwares, we are no longer limited to just several photos… I, for one, take hundreds in a month – giving me thousands of snapshots in a year! 

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