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#5th grade for #Alyssa means a whole year of projects on almost every subject she has. A week after submitting her complex Mekong Delta Diorama,  she came home with another huge idea on how her #CHINA project will look like. As soon as she said polymer, lanterns and dragons, I was overwhelmed. Apparently,  #3D is a big thing with these kids nowadays. Project making is like a competition to show who has a better idea – and Alyssa is a such a show off, that I can’t deny.

“I let my children be as imaginative as they can, I let them dream, I let them act. I let them be children.”

She, my 5th grader with the grandest ideas, truly indulges in her imagination. She is infectious with her creativity and obsession for minute details. I can’t help but take a snapshot of her as she walked towards her class proudly carrying her Chinese Cultural Presentation project featuring the #GreatWallOfChina made of #AirDryClay, #Hanfu costumes on #polymerclaymannequins, #ChineseTemple out of cardboard with its distinct architectural style, my perfected #ChineseCalligraphy😂 #ChineseFood (out of clay): #EggNoodles and #Dimsums, #ChineseHerbs and Spices and #PekingDuck or #BeijingRoastDuck. We also made a mini #ChineseFlag, a #Terracotta warrior, made fake #bamboos adorned with #ChineseLanterns and the famous #ChineseDragon used during #DragonDance Festival. #FifthGrade is so much Fun!!! #ChineseCulture #Trifold project


I love how this bowl of noodle came out to be. It took us sometime to perfect the color of the egg noodles. The #dimsum looks yummy, so as the eggs and the veggies. We used #resin to complete the look of the soup

Fancy Roast Duck

Made of Polymer Clay, baked and painted to look like Beijing’s famous Roast Duck on some green vegetables.


These are actual spices from our favorite Asian Grocery in Albuquerque, 999 Ranch Market.

SCHOOL #PROJECT SELECTION — She asked if she can do a report on China instead of the Philippines. Her reason: There is more things to make and, therefore, more things to show. So, we made it happen. From the fake bamboo to the #Chinese lanterns, mannequins dressed with traditional Chinese costumes, Chinese calligraphy to bought potteries, fake food and real spices, making a miniature temple and the Terracotta Warrior to visualizing a scale model of the Great Wall. This project was weeks in the making and a whole night of assembly.

In the morning when I dropped her off to school, I can see pride painted on her face. She knows she had this project made, and she was proud to show it off…

“This project was worth all the time. Alyssa was so proud – the concept was 90% hers…”

th making and the assembly

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