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04 May 2017

It took me forever to decide between a #bouncer and a #rocker. Both Alyssa and Elijah had an FP bouncer, which looked more comfortable and still looked pretty good despite of years of use. However, it is currently somewhere in the garage in California. To try something new, I bought Luke a rocker from #Amazon for $39.99. With #Prime Membership, I received the product in 2 days. I relied so much on it’s high ratings and reviews… It’s been a week since the baby started using it so I thought of writing my own thoughts about it.



Fisher-Price #Rainforest Rocker.

Photograph by Fisher-Price.

PROS: Very easy to put together. With a screwdriver, it only took me about 15 minutes reading the instruction while assembling it. That night, I didn’t notice my 5 year old sitting on it. Surprisingly, the rocker took all of his 60-lb something weight in an impressive manner!  Very colorful (Luke has the Rainforest model). I love the bat-on toys, they will surely keep him entertained in time. The rocker is light-weight, we carry it everywhere in the house where the baby needs it. I love that you can make it as a rocker, or just a sleeper/sitter with one flick of the bottom front bar.

CONS: I didn’t see it indicated anywhere in the box, but this rocker needs a big battery – the 1D size! Of course, we didn’t have that batery just lying around the house so Dear Hubby had to go to the store to buy a pair (it does not come individually). As soon as I installed the battery and turned it on, it made this loud buzzing noise. I tired padding all four feet of the rocker thinking that the sound is emanating from the wood floor, but that did not stop it. That’s when I realize that the sound is actually coming from the actual vibrating box attached to the rocker. I am glad the baby didn’t mind the noise so I will just have to live with it. 

With the bouncer I got from Fisher-Price before, you can actually regulate the strength of the vibration but on this case, you can either turn it on or turn it off. 

“Make sure to have 1D battery on hand.”

Overall, this rocker seemed like a good choice as it is convertible to a rocker. It is supposed to be able to support toddlers up to 40 lbs. So far, my 5-year old son sat on it for good 30 minutes and it did not break apart. On another note, when I received the product from Amazon, I thought it was an open item since it looked like it was repackaged by the tapes on the box. But upon further inspection of the parts, I can say it is a new item. If ever it came as a used item, I know I can trust Amazon to have it replaced in just one call…

Here is baby Luke enjoying his new rocker from #FisherPrice. He can last for good 45 minutes before asking to be carried. And boy, he is one spolied baby. Because he came early and with his small size, we’ve been picking him up and carrying him. Specially with my Mom – she hears him squeak a sound and she is already literally jumping to his side to pick him up! And it’s all good…

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