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07 May 2017

ALYSSA’S #5th Grade #Science Project is this race car. When she came home and explained to me what it is and how to do it, I knew it is out of my element. #Car Building? What was that again? Go ask your Dad. Of course, Dear Hubby was at a loss himself. He just knows cars and how to fix it, but to apply #Physics on a made-up car? His answer: Nahh, tell your Mom to #Google it.

So I did research on it. The #goal of this #project is to design, build and test a car that is powered by nothing else but a #balloon, hence, balloon-powered car. We originally built one from a shoebox that looked like the Scooby Doo van, but it barely moved an inch even with a fully inflated balloon. Rolly thought it was funny, he began lecturing me about it’s size. Yeah, now he tells me.

#Minecraft Pink Piggy.

Photograph by Simply Rosalyn / iPhone

“My husband gave me an uncalled for lesson on aerodynamics after our failed attempt to build Alyssa’s project using a shoebox.”

#BalloonPoweredCar is Alyssa’s #5thGrade #ScienceProject reflecting #NewtonsFirstLaw: the #LawOfInertia. The #MinecraftPig entered the picture after we used an #AlcoholBottle, she painted it pink, placed eyes and a cute #CurlyTail! She practiced blowing the balloon. I am afraid the car won’t even move 😫… She might not win on speed and distance, but she might still bring home the trophy for #CutenessOverload!PrettyInPink #PinkPig #Inertia #Kawaii


Elijah thinks his Sister is the best when it comes to projects. Here he is  wanting to help with painting her #RaceCar.

After looking at other materials, we ended up using an alcohol plastic bottle for the car’s body, and Arizona tea bottle caps for the tires. We tested it’s performance, and boy, it didn’t fly BUT it did move few inches! Good enough, like I said, this project is not my forte. Alyssa was more than ok with it after painting and making it look cute… she said, she will let Mr Malan know this is a boy project!

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