“Because sibling relationship
plays an important
role in human development…”


MAY, 2017

Sibling Relationship
1 Month 
Luke Alexander

YES, Baby #LukeAlexander just turned #OneMonth old and the two older siblings, Alyssa and Elijah, are beyond excited!

It’s official! The Littlest Member of the family is now one #1month old – and counting. I haven’t weighed him yet but I can tell he is one healthy baby boy and is definitely gaining weight and growing like he should be. Though it is already spring, his first month was marked with rain, thunderstorm and heavy #snowfall. I take it as a blessing specially living up here in the #Navajo Country…

Big Sister Alyssa carrying Baby brother Luke Alexander 

Alyssa and Elijah participated on our little pictorial with the baby. I’m glad they were such in good mood, which does not happen quite often. Alyssa, for instance, is always on her personal business that it is so hard to call her for anything. Elijah, on the other hand, can’t sit for few seconds as he is a busy bee playing and goofing around with his Grandpa…  

“Maybe we’ll just name the baby Justin Beiber instead of Luke Skywalker!” –Elijah

So, we were able to get 106 photos in all. See the whole gallery here. The pictures are pretty much alike, but they are individually unique I just have to place them all in one album. 

I sometimes forget how I love taking pictures until I am actually doing it again. I cannot wait for the kids’ upcoming #milestones: Alyssa’s graduation, Luke’s 2nd Month and Elijah’s Firstday in Kindergarten!

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