MARCH, 2017

Arts Crawl
Mixed Media

Miss #Artist here was invited for the #ArtCrawl #Festival downtown. She is very excited to show some of her #artworks to the city during the two-week long art exhibit…

Because she is in #5th grade – a young artist and does not have defined and refined skills on fine arts, I suggested she does something more #abstract in nature… something that would give her some leeway and a margin for error. Her grandfather (my Dad) is a fine artist, and he would paint on precise and accurate details – that is a #talent that some people just seem to have and mastered through time. I’ve always loved arts, sketching, drawing and painting but I know where my limits lie. Just like me, Alyssa is not gifted with precision but a true artist on her own.

The night of the exhibit.

She loves her #Polymer #Clay/s so we decided for #3D art pieces on #canvas.  We used various art media from acrylic paints, clay, and indigenous materials, sand and dried flowers. She played with textures by incorporating household item (papertowel) to create depth and visual feel.

During the opening of the Art #Exhibit, everyone was asking who this 5th Grade Artist is. Alyssa was, of course, delighted.

After all her hardwork for weeks, I mounted her artworks on panel canvas I painted with black #acrylic paint. We then applied gloss – not only to protec her artworks, but also to achieve that overall finesse. The next day, we had it wrapped and dropped off the studio (see below pictures).

She was a busy bee for weeks, determined to show some artwork for the #Festival.

Interested on artworks? Let me know!