Month: May 2017

Of Nanchucks and a Stick

Video Series 2017: Elijah At Home. Posted in YouTube by CluelessBoi 24 MAY, 2017 #Nanchucks #Sticks #StayHome #Elijah, like his Grandpa, is definitely BORED. But while his Lolo is busy with his little garden in the backyard, our #LittleMan keeps himself occupied with things he finds convenient to play in the house…  We came home today and saw Elijah in the backyard facing the fence and playing with a stick. He was so focused on what he was doing. A vibrant picture of a little boy who is full of energy. I can’t help but smile  when I realized...

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A Beautiful Struggle

E . Simply Rosalyn, #WeeklyBlog 19 May 2017 My first two weeks went by so quick – fast but smooth! Monday, May 05, was a challenge due to forgotten passwords however, by Wednesday I was pretty much settled. And though I miss being home with my children, specially with the littlest of them, I am also glad to finally be back working – and be on #payroll. 🙂 It is not easy being off for 5 weeks and not get paid for the most part of it. I have to admit that catching up on financial responsibilities is a...

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Baby Luke is 1 Month Old!

. “Because sibling relationship plays an important role in human development…” 12 MAY, 2017 Sibling Relationship1 Month Luke Alexander YES, Baby #LukeAlexander just turned #OneMonth old and the two older siblings, Alyssa and Elijah, are beyond excited! It’s official! The Littlest Member of the family is now one #1month old – and counting. I haven’t weighed him yet but I can tell he is one healthy baby boy and is definitely gaining weight and growing like he should be. Though it is already spring, his first month was marked with rain, thunderstorm and heavy #snowfall. I take it as a blessing...

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Arts Crawl Festival

. . 28 MARCH, 2017 Arts Crawl #Exhibit Mixed Media Miss #Artist here was invited for the #ArtCrawl #Festival downtown. She is very excited to show some of her #artworks to the city during the two-week long art exhibit… Because she is in #5th grade – a young artist and does not have defined and refined skills on fine arts, I suggested she does something more #abstract in nature… something that would give her some leeway and a margin for error. Her grandfather (my Dad) is a fine artist, and he would paint on precise and accurate details –...

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Balloon-Powered Car Challenge

. Simply Rosalyn, Mommy Blogger 07 May 2017 ALYSSA’S #5th Grade #Science Project is this race car. When she came home and explained to me what it is and how to do it, I knew it is out of my element. #Car Building? What was that again? Go ask your Dad. Of course, Dear Hubby was at a loss himself. He just knows cars and how to fix it, but to apply #Physics on a made-up car? His answer: Nahh, tell your Mom to #Google it. So I did research on it. The #goal of this #project is to design, build...

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