In November, I found out I was almost 17 weeks #pregnant while transitioning to another job. At four months, everything was happening fast. I started developing signs and symptoms of what seemed to be #preeclampsia. And because I already have the history, I know I was predisposed and at a higher risk of going through another one on this pregnancy. Sure enough, at 30 weeks my blood pressure started rising. Instead of seeing the OB every two weeks, I was scheduled for 1 week intervals.

a. Ready for work at 30 weeks, b. At 37 weeks on the day of induction, c. At 36 weeks, awaiting for the labs.

At 34 weeks, my readings were off the roof that they almost sent me out to the neighboring bigger city to be induced. After four hours in the hospital though, Dr Bantolino discharged me with 2 weeks of #Labetalol. With the lab results, the clinic determined I have gestational #HTN instead of preeclampsia. The diagnosis made me feel better as I know it would be easier to manage it. As I approached the 36 weeks mark, my Nurse #Midwife discussed inducing the baby out every OB visit — just relying on labs to make it final. Everyday, I wondered if I was to have the baby. Adding to my unstable blood pressure is the protein on my urine. At this time, my Nurse Midwife made the decision I will have to deliver the baby at 37 weeks.

Monday, April 10, was the day. We woke up early and headed to the hospital for the 7 am scheduled induction.  We met with my wonderful OB Nurse, Sara. She did everything from drawing my blood, starting my IV and “admitting” me on the system so she can place the orders.

This is not my first #induction, so I had a clear understanding of the process. And because she has not started with the #Pitocin drip, she said I can still have breakfast as it might take the whole day. Rolly went to the cafeteria and got us some coffee, scrambled eggs and bacon. I was hungry, and decided I have to eat as my next meal might not be until dinner time.

At 8 am, Sara started my pitocin. 30 minutes later my Nurse Midwife, Marie, who is equally as wonderful as Sara came in to insert foley balloon catheter as we agreed upon. This was supposed to help on the process of dilation. However, she accidentally broke my water. She eventually skipped on using it due to risk of infection.

By 10 am, I told Rolly to go home to check on some deliveries we were expecting from #Amazon. Not even 30 minutes when he walked out the door, I started feeling the first few contraction. By BP started going up as well, so Sara started giving me doses of Labetalol per protocol. At 11, I was miserable. The contractions were three minutes apart and seemed longer than ever. The controlled breathing was not helping at all. I’ve got to have my epidural. But at the back of my mind, I was thinking it’s only been two hours since the nurse started on the meds.

1145 came and I saw Rolly walked in with Chinese food and some drinks. I guess he might have seen how I looked and knew how I felt because I can tell what he was thinking. And Sara was there giving me my 3rd dose of beta blocker. I told her,  my BP is most likely high because it is reading while I’m contracting. She finally checked me. I was 7 cm dilated. I asked her, “I still can have epidural, right?” She said she will call Michelle (one of the CRNA’s) asap.

Then Marie came in. I was relieved at first, and then when we were conversing about my #BP I just felt the urge to push. As soon as I told her, she checked me and said: “Yup, you are at 10 cm and 100% effaced. You are having the baby now. Naturally.” I was horrified! Never, not even in my most remote thoughts, that I ever considered delivering without pain medication. Sara held my face and said on the calmest way, “Rosalyn, you will have to push on the next contraction.” I thought I was not going to make it…

At 1232 after being on labor for couple of hours, we finally welcomed our little newborn Luke Alexander. He weighed 5 lbs and 13 oz. He has the same birth date as Marie, and same name (first and middle name) as Sara’s eldest son.

After passing all his tests and with Dr Harrison’s stamp of approval, we took Baby #Luke home afternoon of the next day, April 11. Ate #Alyssa and Kuya #Elijah were very excited to welcome the new addition of the family. More photos of our Little Man are in the gallery!

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