Baby Luke Alexander is our

Easter Time Miracle

Simply Rosalyn

Blogging from the Heart of the Navajo Country. 04/2017

This year is extra special for us. Welcoming our Little Man, #Luke Alexander, close to #Easter reminds us of all the blessings that we receive every single day. Blessings that humble our hearts and make us grateful.

Looking back to all the sacrifices and achievements in the past year, all that were lost and were gained back, the tears there were in sorrow and cheers that accented every happiness, I have to say we remained steadfast on our devotion and faith. I, personally, feel more secured as a person. And my family is stronger than ever…

“… and by His wounds, we are Healed.”


#Alyssa fell in love with the Baby Luke. At 10 years old, she is now the Big Sister with the Biggest Heart for the Little Man.

#Elijah, as I expected, assumed the Kuya (Big Brother) Role. He is such a good boy like that. He is in the look out whenever I place the baby in his crib.

#NEWMEXICO — Aside from the arrival of our newest addition, this month marks our one year and three months away from home. We are grateful  for all the experiences that have given us knowledge, and for the knowledge that continues to grow, and for the growth that enables us appreciate this journey.

I can safely say that the children have slowly become accustomed to the simple life this tiny town offers – no Legoland, no San Diego Zoo, and definitely no Disneyland trips. The closest ChuckECheese is 2 hours away, and we’ve been frequenting Walmart for our daily needs. I’ve become an Amazon weekly shopper – for those things you just cannot buy at all (like patterned paper for Alyssa’s Sillhouette projects).

My Mom and Dad are different story, however, with their gardening hobbies. It’s spring time and all they want is grow some plants and they’re not having success on it. The land is not meant to be tilled. It is very dry and as hard as stone. But they’re still at it… I still have to see if their persistence and perseverance will get that garden going in time… 

#EASTER SUNDAY — The kids had so much fun egg hunting at home. We’ve been here two Aprils already but because we were new and lived in the apartment last year, we didn’t really do anything after church. This year, though, with us renting a decent house with a big yard, we are (and will be) able to do a lot more. Little Luke was briefly outside with Daddy enjoying the sun before the sneezing began. It was a fun family time with the children. I took some photos, but not as good and not as many. Just enough to do scrapbooks with to remember this precious day…

I am enjoring every single day I am with my little ones as I am on leave. Soon, I wil  be going back to work and will miss out on so many things. But I have to remain thankful for every opportunity I am given. I thank God everyday I get to come home, fix my family dinner and send the kids to bed… Many Filipino Mothers working in some foreign land don’t get to see their children for years. And THAT is truly heartbreaking…



“Oh, the adoration is clearly painted on those bright eyes!”


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