Month: April 2017

Medela Harmony Pump

TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE Simply Rosalyn, Mom Reviews 22, March 2016 Marketed by #Medela with a 2-Phase #Expression Technology in an easy to use with soft-touch, ergonomic swivel handle that makes manual pumping comfortable. Medela is a company founded in #Switzerland in 1961, making it to the  US 25 years ago. This company has developed lines of products to meet the diverse needs of nursing Moms from manual to electric single/double breast pumps, breastfeeding accessories, feeding devices as well and intimate apparels for Mom. In 2006 after I delivered my daughter, I was introduced to one of its breastpump product line...

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Easter Sunday with the Kids

Baby Luke Alexander is our Easter Time Miracle Simply Rosalyn Blogging from the Heart of the Navajo Country. 04/2017 This year is extra special for us. Welcoming our Little Man, #Luke Alexander, close to #Easter reminds us of all the blessings that we receive every single day. Blessings that humble our hearts and make us grateful. Looking back to all the sacrifices and achievements in the past year, all that were lost and were gained back, the tears there were in sorrow and cheers that accented every happiness, I have to say we remained steadfast on our devotion and...

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Welcoming Baby Luke

In November, I found out I was almost 17 weeks #pregnant while transitioning to another job. At four months, everything was happening fast. I started developing signs and symptoms of what seemed to be #preeclampsia. And because I already have the history, I know I was predisposed and at a higher risk of going through another one on this pregnancy. Sure enough, at 30 weeks my blood pressure started rising. Instead of seeing the OB every two weeks, I was scheduled for 1 week intervals. a. Ready for work at 30 weeks, b. At 37 weeks on the day...

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