I am a mother of two adorable children, a 10 year old tween and a 4 year old boy. #Birthdays and #Christmas are specially hard time for me. Part of it is because is the expense attached, but also because I now have a Darling Daughter that is trapped in “an inbetween” stage.  The little boy is very easy at this time… I buy him #Legos, Actions Figures and #HotWheels and he thinks I am the coolest Mom in the universe!

My eldest daughter however is a different story.  She has accumulated so much from an upright piano to a microscope! She has an iPad, a laptop, a digital camera and two versions of Silhouette Crafting machines. She collected storage-full of clays, beads and findings… She has a stack of watercolors, acrylics and paintbrushes. You might say she’s old enough for a phone, but I am reserving that for her graduation present…

In all these thinking, I did try to do my motherly duties and went online to hunt for that perfect present. Since I know that she at least likes arts and crafts, I started my search on that area of interest. And here are my findings, not only for Alyssa, but for all the 10 year old tweenies out there!

  1. Evelight’s Silver Glow in the Dark #Bookmark (starts at $16.92) might be a good choice if your 10 year-old loves books. Mine reads all the time, and because this is handmade I know for sure this will make a great stocking stuffer!
  2. DYMO Caption Maker in Pink (Currently Unavailable) is truly my favorite pick for Alyssa since she loves letter stickers and scrapbooking. Though it is currently out of stock with #Amazon, I am pretty sure one can get it somewhere. Or another alternative product will also do good… 
  3. 3Doodler Pen with 50 Plastic Strands ($99.00) is a must have for Alyssa! If only I can get it in time for Christmas, it probably would be the best choice. It would have been great having it when we were working on her #Chinese Cultural Presentation. 
  4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant Camera (starts at $59.00) – So I ended up getting this instant camera for Alyssa. It is the #Fuji version of the #Polaroid, and looks very cute with the colors and accessories. It is great specially on the last day of school – taking photos of friends and being able to print it right away. I also got her films for $30.00 and a case for $10.00