I am ready to go home! I can’t believe I am writing this, but I still will anyway: I miss the apartment! Yup, I do! Since we had our house rented in California and moved to small apartment some 700 miles away 10 months ago, I never thought I will miss our current little beehive! And here I am, truly wanting to be “home”. To be by myself for work was something I never thought I could do. That first few nights, I didn’t get to sleep well knowing my little boy (who’d been sharing bed with us) will be sleeping without me. I still remember hearing him sobbing as I closed the car door. And every afternoon I FaceTime them, he would ask, “How many more sleeps, Mom?” He is just the cutest little boy!

Despite of the emotional challenges, it was a great experience. That I will never deny. Now that I think of it, the two weeks training actually went by fast! I hope that when I get to be on my own environment, I will remember most of what I learned. I am very grateful for all those that helped me out… Carol, Sue, Adrie, Tyler and Liz and the other ladies that I met: Deana, Cherish and Lori. It seems like a pretty solid team to me. I hope to one day payback, I still feel bad I didn’t get to bring them anything as the “new employee”.


Yeah, and here are some food ordered from Krung Thai, Joy Cuisine and Mandarin Place. Every night, I go through the hotel’s bistro menu trying but failing to convince myself to eat some sandwich. I always end up going to GrubHub ordering a delivery. I don’t like being addicted to carbs but I just cannot help myself! They all look so good but I probably end up eating a quarter and eating some left over for lunch the next day. I’ve also gone to Olive Garden, Hayashi Sushi and Claim Jumper for variations. I can now also say I miss the rotisserie chicken and white rice we always get for the kids!