Month: November 2016

A #5th Grade #Project: The Mekong Delta Wetland, Vietnam

It was quite a dilemma if she will do an #Ocean or a #Wetland #Diorama. Once given an option, Alyssa always have a hard time making a decision. I had to make that myself – told her to take wetlands, it will give her variety of options due to its #biodiversity. Usually, she takes the opposite just to show she has a mind of her own, but this time she actually agreed. So Wetland It Is! So we sat down one day before my training in #Albuquerque. We scribbled and planned it, like we always do. She volunteered her...

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Ready To Go Home!

I am ready to go home! I can’t believe I am writing this, but I still will anyway: I miss the apartment! Yup, I do! Since we had our house rented in California and moved to small apartment some 700 miles away 10 months ago, I never thought I will miss our current little beehive! And here I am, truly wanting to be “home”. To be by myself for work was something I never thought I could do. That first few nights, I didn’t get to sleep well knowing my little boy (who’d been sharing bed with us) will...

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