I had intended to blog at least once a week while on a career transition, and I actually managed for the first two months. However, life took over like always and I fell into the longest hiatus since I started blogging in 2003.

But I am not too disappointed with myself as I’ve been so preoccupied with so many things that surely come first before this thing called blogging. Though I really missed writing for fun, it was a necessary step for really important reasons.

Alyssa, my 4th grader, has been keeping up with school thanks to our night time schedules on spellings, number facts and project activities. She is one tough cookie, though. She is a transferee from another school on another state in the middle of the school year, and I can just imagine her going through environment adjustment, getting used to classes she has to take, and finding her comfort level with the members of her class.

During the last two weeks of school, she missed four days due to laryngitis. When she got back, she was subjected to bullying. She has been crying her eyes out and I felt so sorry for her. She recovered rather quickly because of our long talk. She got all As, so she got her betta fish. That made her very happy. I am very hopeful she gets another great teacher in 5th grade…

Mama and Papa are doing great despite of losing their California Medicaid Insurance (due to us moving to New Mexico). Here in New Mexico, Medicaid only covers adults until 65 after which they become ineligible because they should be under Medicare. The fact that they got by in California with no Medicare for so long, I never really thought of pursuing other insurance. So just imagine my surprise when I can’t get them insured here! I was so stressed out. We went to Medicare, we were informed that for a Premium of $300 quarterly they can actually get Medicare coverage even without working here in the US. We didn’t have a choice so we offered to pay the Medicare penalty but to our dismay, since we missed the enrollment then my Mom and Dad will have to go through the rest of the year without health coverage. And their Dr’s visit fee and medications? We have to pay for it ourselves – for now. Thanks to Presbyterian Clinic, we were able to get a family physician and buy medications at sliding fee scale.

Working as an OR Nurse is proving to be a real challenge. So many things to learn every day and I am grateful to have great mentors and knowledgeable coworkers. Everyday is a learning experience and I love the idea of obtaining new information. Rolly, on the other hand, is loving his new environment. Working for the city is different compared to being in the corporate world. And because it is a small city, there is not much red tapes going on.

Elijah, for the most part of it, is in great spirits. He misses “his” house in California. I can’t blame him, that’s the only house he’s known since he came home from the hospital December of 2011. He misses having a yard and being able to do some gardening with his Grandma, playing basketball and having his own slide, swing and monkey bars. The reason behind us coming to new Mexico is something he does not understand at this time and I am hoping to one day have a better explanation as to why we are here.

And so yes, because I am finally getting comfortable myself with everything going on I am finally catching up with my scrapbooking, blogging and photography. In fact, I just ordered my 2011-2012 coffeebook, bound and with image wrap cover. I just started with my 2013 as well. Few more weeks and I think I will finally be fully recovered just in time for being On Call at the OR.