If I thought that ESI is easy, Colonoscopy is so far way easier. The supplies used depend on Dr’s preference.

    Colonoscopy Machine (Change Sterile Water everyday)
    Suction Canisters
    Towel (under patient)
    2 Bed Linens (roll for bump)
    KY Jelly
    Bovie (rarely used)
    Specimen Container
    Snare (Rotating/Non-rotating)
    3 warm blankets

As soon as Surgical Tech takes Colonoscopy Tower inside OR Room, turn on computer and select Endo Pro to check in patients. Have suction canisters ready for the procedure.

Same procedure for all patients when it comes to answering all pre-op questions. (Name and DOB – verify on wristband, Allergies, NPO, meds taken including beta blocker, check consent, LABS, EKG if ordered, H&P and/or addendum).

Have patient position self to left lateral, assist if needed. Apply first blanket on left rail for padding, 2nd blanket on patients chest for comfort, and 3rd warm blanket to cover patient’s lower extremities for warmth. Apply rolled bump behind patients back. Make sure to ensure patient’s safety as no strap is applied. Lower the right rail when Dr comes in. Stay closer to ultrasound monitor if Dr requires you to annotate pictures.

Call for Timeout before procedure starts. Read patient’s name, DOB, allergies to medication, medications taken, if any, and procedure to be done. If there is specimen to be collected, use stickers attached on chart. One sticker on each cup, encircle patient’s DOB and Dr’s name. One sticker also goes to the book together with the list of all specimens to be left on counter.

Charges for this procedure would include suction canisters, connecting tube and snares.

Image Attached: http://www.gutcheck.cancer.gov/screenings/colonoscopy/