Month: February 2016

Opening New Doors

This new week begins a new journey of infinite possibilities. Opening new doors is always difficult after finding comfort in the familiarity of a task. But I made up my mind after two weeks of unfolding series of events that painted answers in clear, vivid pictures. No one truly cares if you move a whole family, sacrifice a job, and travel hundreds of miles away from the comfort of your home. They said one has to sacrifice in order to start. So, I had to make that decision even if I cannot predict the end result. What made me stronger is...

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And Down the Ditch We Went!

Yesterday was a challenge. Not only we drove through Payson in pouring rain and falling snow, we also ended down the ditch during the blizzard on my way to work at 2:45. It was not too funny when we were there stuck in the middle of nowhere on a freezing temperature but now that I look back, it was quiet an experience and I cannot help but laugh at the situation. This opportunity here New Mexico is proving to be loaded with life lessons, and we are all on an individual learning curve. But on all those times everyone’s...

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