Sitting here, blogging while waiting for Rolly and Alyssa. I am getting used to my new environment – the mountains and the snow. Rolly was vocal about starting to love this little town. Papa and Mama are always supportive, so I am grateful. They are instrumental in making my goals happen.

Tomorrow is another day off for me. I haven’t been working full time since I had only been doing modules and online classes. But on Saturday, I will start going on early to train with  Charmaine at 3 am. I am excited to learn the Dialysis machine, how to operate them, do a little troubleshooting and how they work during a procedure.

Alyssa, on the other hand, started on her new school. I originally planned on putting her to an online school but I don’t want to risk it. I don’t want her to start losing her motivation. The school that we found  is amazing. It is on top of the hill and close to hospitals. She is the 19th student! I cannot imagine such a small number of children enrolling in May Ranch. We had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Foreman this morning, one of the 4th grade teachers, she is such a sweet lady!

I am glad every piece is starting to fall on its place. As much as we all miss the house and the comfort of having all the space we want, downsizing to a compact apartment, for now, seems to be doing the trick. Soon, we will be home. And all these, are means to an overall goal. Financial Freedom and Stability.